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Not sure how does the service works?

No need to worry, we have the most common questions answered for you!

  • How Long does it take to Ship my Items to Cyprus/Greece?
    From the day we collect your items, it can take up to 5 weeks to deliver to your doorstep!
  • What is the minimum order for the sevices?
    There is 5 items minimum order for our shipping services from Manchester and 10 items from other areas. There is no minimum items for transportation within the UK.
  • Any additional costs for door to door services?
    1. There is no additional costs for collcting your items from your doorstep*, and delivering them to you! 2. There is an optional fee for entering into your property and collecting it ourselves. *by doorstep we mean, the entrance of your building, house, Student Acommodation.
  • Is there insurance for the service?
    Our staff are trained and will take care of your items, and treat them with love and care ❤️ Currently we do not provide any insurance for your items. If you may require isnurance, we can link you with external comapanines.
  • What are the requirements for the box sizes and weight?
    There are no restrictions to the size of the parcel you will need to send. The prices though may vary on size and dimensions of the items. Our Suggestions: 1. Items average sizes are 55x55x55 (cm) 2. Up to 22 kg. 3. Fill in the boxes without any space (use bubbles to fill them)
  • Does the price vary on the items?
    For a standard box and weight, the prices are fixed. eg. If you have 2 standard boxes, and a smaller one, the price will be the same. For any additional items, such as furnitures, appliances, TV, Bicycle, the prices may vary.
  • I have a questions that is not listed
    Email us on
  • Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of?
    Customs and Duties* Once the items arrive to Cyprus, there will be cargo and VAT charges £50 for clearing VAT 19% on the value of your belongings VAT 5% on books For more info, you can contact your local customs.
  • What should I write on the boxes?
    Labels on all parcels Can you please make sure your items are marked up with the name / address in Cyprus they are going to and also it would be a good idea to mark them 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5….etc. Please make sure no batteries are sent as they can be classed as hazardous cargo which is restricted.
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